Texas Music Revolution 17, KHYI, March 9, 2013

| March 17, 2013

By Dave Hensley

Texas Music Revolution 17 boasted record attendance, with thousands there to see and hear their favorite Texas and Americana music bands. None of the bands disappointed, as displayed by the fans’ continual admiration in front of the two Southfork Ranch stages, the lighted cigarette lighters and cell phones held up, and the singing along with every band.

!!!And, as a quick aside, Ray Wylie Hubbard has already announced that he will be at the second Cooler’n Hell Festival, also at Southfork Ranch in Wylie/Parker, Texas, on Saturday, Aug. 3. Rumor has it, unconfirmed but still intriguing, that the Dirty River Boys will make a return appearance then, too. Stay tuned to KHYI Radio, 95.3 (The Range) for more information on this second, now-annual one-day festival.

Photographers for this event were: Mary Jane Farmer, Mark Bickham, Jack Browning, Dave Hensley, and Raymond Murphy. Most photos are labeled as to who the particular photographer was.

There was also a pre-party a couple of weeks ahead of time, and here’s the link to those photographs. Did I mention that Stoney LaRue played it at Southern Junction in Rockwall? For pre-party story and pix, click here.

The first to perform was Zane Williams, acoustic/solo, who gave a private show to those who held a V.I.P. ticket. Zane played a few of those he chose, and then opened it up for requests. And they flew at him, his fans being very in tune with his tunes. At the end of his set, he stayed behind for special photographs with the V.I.P.s, always smiling and listening and interested in every one of them.

Later, Zane played with his full band on the Forty Creek Whiskey stage.

For Zane Williams V.I.P. concert pix, click here:

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Also, please keep in mind that the 2014 Texas Music Revolution will be held again in March, and KHYI will be giving details on that later this year.



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