TMR Pre-pre-party

| February 24, 2013

Stoney LaRue

Photos and story by Mary Jane Farmer

The party is on. Texas Music Revolution is in the air. With less than two weeks to go (March 9)  until the doors of Southfork Ranch open to a stream of excited Texas music fans, and with a diverse line-up that includes the cream of the crop, everyone from this year’s Shiner Rising Star winners The Bigsbys to the remarkable Turnpike Troubadours, TMR 17 promises to be the best it has ever been.

It all officially began Friday night at Southern Junction in Royse City/Rockwall with a pre-pre-party with three bands on stage. Well, not at the same time, but bing-bang-boom, one right after the other.

The Marcus Lindsey Band, a regular at Southern Junction, showed off boundless style and class with a collection of great dance tunes and Marcus’ vibrant voice, a voice that added dimension and character to every song. This was just the beginning.

Big Gus & Swampadelic, the band with absolutely no way to be cast in a genre, played next, Ric Denker on his fiddle that can be pure country or move over to the blues style, and then Greg and Alan can switch from their blues or jazz over to the Cajun licks that Big Gus also excels on. Chad  and Bill just rock through them all, on stand-up bass and drums.

Then, while all the equipment on stage was being swapped out for the incredible Stoney LaRue to kick off, Big Gus and the muse for some of his new songs, Tracy, pulled two names out of a hat, filled with the names of everyone who had signed up at the KHYI “spin the wheel and sign up” table, and gave away two sets (4 at $198 each) V.I.P. tickets for the March 9 Texas Music Revolution, absolutely 100% free! His KHYI cohort, Allan Peck, also had some M.C. chores/honors at the event.

Then Stoney. What does anyone need to say, or could say, that hasn’t been said about the amazing Stoney LaRue, the front-runner of Red Dirt/Texas music? Stoney, his signature red bandana tied around his head, and his band of renown played songs from his most recent CD, “Velvet,” and also from earlier projects, with emphasis on those written by “my friend Brandon Jenkins,” he said.

Dancers danced, friends visited, music soared, steaks sizzled, and Texas Music Revolution 17 got kick-started right. This being a pre-pre-party, there is every reason to believe there will be a pre-party as well between now and March 9, so stay tuned. And you can, if you haven’t already, get your tickets for TMR through the KHYI Website (click here), and at Love & War in Texas (Plano). $15 savings if bought in advance, and that ain’t hay!

For many photos, click here

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