Van Alstyne is Autumn Town, too!

| October 3, 2021

Story and photos by Mary Jane Farmer, Blog style, not reporting style. More photos on link at bottom, and more will be added on future Sunday drives, so please feel free to check back throughout October and November.

Sundays are made for driving around, slowly, and looking at things one misses when moving so fast. Me? I am almost always in fast-mode, though I have slowed down a bit since the last surgery (Pacemaker implant—ironic, huh?!). Just taking care of myself, as about half the town has told me to do. I almost always answer, “Yes, that’s my plan.”

Sunday, tho, was one of those driving-around days. Took my long lens camera with me, and started out to get what I could about the Barton Farms Pumpkin Patch on Old Highway 6, which had its grand opening this weekend. It looks amazing, and I have a date with some great-grands next Sunday to make it out there. From the road, one can see the bounce house and what is, I assume, the retail store. But they advertise so much more to do, for those paying the admission price. Hay rides, games, one day set aside for home-school children to attend.  (See the Van Alstyne Community Calendar here.)

From there, I drove down to Green Acres nursery on Van Alstyne Parkway and only took one photo through the chain link fence. This place is always, no matter the season, always always a pleasure just to visit and see the sights, much less begin getting your fall and Christmas decorations in place. It seems like they had about 5,000 pumpkins, gourds and other living decorations for the season. Maybe an over-exaggeration, but close to it.

Downtown, it was Abby Lane on East Marshall and the Government Center at South Main & Jefferson who have begun adding their autumn touches to downtown.

And from there, just driving around, slowing down when I saw something interesting, and asking permission when there was someone outside to ask. As I do each year in the Facebook “Van Alstyne Is Christmas Town,” I don’t add any addresses, the reader and/or viewer just needs to drive around and see for yourself. Right now, it seems to be in the older parts of town where most of the autumn decorations are already going up. And this is only October 3, so — ‘way to go, V.A.’

If anyone would like his/her autumn/fall photos included here, send. them to me via E-mail at  These are all on, saved as 7″x5″ and anyone is welcome to download and print them out, no charge

Fall in Van Alstyne




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