White & Spears, a fresh new look

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Written by Chip Campbell, photo by Mary Jane Farmer

Robby White and Ronny Spears

Robby White and Ronny Spears

“Of all the music that reached farthest into heaven, it is the beating of a loving heart.” ~Henry Ward Beecher

Ronny Spears and Robby White play to the beat of a loving heart and are examples of what’s good in a business that is generally known to be ruthless and cutthroat. On the surface they can come across as being rugged, tough individuals, and they truly are. But on the other side of the coin, there is a force that is deeply ingrained in the soul, a force that is followed by action beyond their music and words.

White & Spears — who have pursued separate careers in the past and who are masters of song and showmanship in their own right — now meld into a symbiotic musical experience where each brings complimentary colors to the canvas and have created a atmosphere where the listener not only is observer, but become apart of the show. Ronny and Robby have fun, and fun is as contagious as a smile. And one look around the audience, you will see the smiles indeed. They sing and write from their hearts, they make you want to dance, cry, laugh and sing along. You might catch them at a club rockin’ the house down, or on a tailgate or campfire, but every time they are around. you know they are there, doing what they do in only the way they can do it.

Beyond the music, White & Spears do countless benefits for the troops, the needy, for friends and for strangers. They go above and beyond, not for accolades or rewards, but because that’s the type of men they are. They are men that will give you the shirt off their back but will beat you down if you tried to take it from them. They believe in ‘what’s right is right, and what’s true is true,’ and this is reflective in their songs, their honesty in lyric and musical styling, as well as their personal lives.

Most of the selfless things White & Spears do go largely unnoticed; but, I, for one, applaud and respect them for what they do for others, their music, and most of all — their loving hearts.

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