USA TV adding REAL COUNTRY USA to its weekly line-up

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Jake Owen, Shania Twain, Travis Tritt — hosts of USA TV’s Real Country series.

12.1/18 UPDATE:

The finale (8th episode) will include Copper Chief (Texas), Kylie Frey (Texas), Jaida Dreyer (Tenn), and Larry Fleet (Tenn)

Texas’ Copper Chief took the first night of Real Country by storm. Travis Tritt added them to the contest, and he said about them being from Texas “Where all this dirt road country stuff is coming from right now, which I think is an absolute breath of fresh air to this business that has gotten somewhat stale in the past few years… ” For winning last night, they will be playing The Stagecoach Country Music Festival in California next summer, and took a little bit of money home with them. They Also, will be playing in the 8th episode, the finale, for top dog honor.
Next week, (Nov. 21) the Texas group, also picked by Tritt, will be Scooter Brown, along with Savannah Keyes (state of residence unknown) and Kylie Frey of Louisiana. 8 from Tennessee, 6 from Texas, and the rest from elsewhere..

11/10/18: Adapted from press release from The Press Office, two courtesy photos and one by Mary Jane Farmer.

Mary Jane’s Notes:  It’s wonderful when Nashville artists, such as the three icons who are hosting the new USA TV series called REAL COUNTRY. Travis Tritt, Shania Twain, and Jake Owen are calling for more real country music, and providing, through their producers, a way for the music and the musicians to get heard. I have also included a link here to Tony Brown’s video coverage of George Jones “The Grand Tour.” Click here

More comments and lists of all contestants, including several Texans, at the bottom.

Nashville, Tennessee – REAL COUNTRY is a new country music showcase series featuring multi-platinum, five-time Grammy Award®-winning trailblazer Shania Twain, ACM Award-winning and platinum-selling singer-songwriter Jake Owen, and multi-platinum, Grammy Award®-winning country music legend Travis Tritt. Each selected, sometimes even hand-picked, 7 of the 21 performers/contestants in this eight-part series. Premiering on USA, the series was filmed in Nashville and produced by Wilshire Studios.

In each hour-long episode, Twain, Owen and Tritt feature these emerging solo artists, duos, and groups to perform in showcases which spotlight the rich traditions, songs and themes of specific country genres. The best artists from each showcase will perform in a grand finale, for the chance to be named one of country music’s next breakout acts.

Tony Brown

The series begins at 9 pm CST, November 13, on the USA TV Network.

One of the most talked about singers in Nashville today, Tony Jackson, will appear on REAL COUNTRY as contestant/performer. Jackson’s debut album Tony Jackson yielded 4 chart singles, and his viral video, for the recording of the George Jones classic “The Grand Tour” reached over 39 million Facebook views!

Tony Brown traveled as pianist with Elvis Presley’s band until The King’s death, and has produced music for country music legends Vince Gill, George Strait, Reba McEntire, and others of that ilk. There is a 36-minute video of him in interview with The Producer’s Room (Episode No. 19) in which he talks at great length about his entire professional career in just about all aspects of country music. Worth the watching.

Bri Bagwell, taken at LJT Texas Music Festival

“I’m humbled to have been selected by Travis Tritt for REAL COUNTRY,” Jackson proclaimed. The former marine fell in love with country music as a young man after seeing Randy Travis perform on an army base in Spain. His passion for writing, recording, and delivering traditional country flourished into his original music has reached more than 62 million fans across his social channels.

Contestants include: Texans-Bri Bagwell, Copper Chief, Scooter Brown, Billie Jo, Riley Thompson, Frank Ray; and (poor them-non-Texans): The Davisson Brothers Band (W.V.), Kylie Frey (Louisiana), Porter Union, (Missouri), Cody Purvis (Virginia), and Tony Jackson, The Young Fables, Jaida Dreyer, Regan Stewart, Jamie Floyd, Adairs Run, Larry Fleet, Dave Kennedy (all of Tennessee), along with Tiera, Micah Woods, Savannah Keyes (whose cities of residence weren’t found).




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