Mike & The Moonpies, Grace Tyler at Love & War

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Mike & The Moonpies

Photos and blog-style story by Mary Jane Farmer — For more photos, click on the links below.

It’s still being called “Shiner Sundays,” these 4 p.m. Sunday shows at Love & War in Texas. Shiner Beer is no longer involved, however; but it’s been known by that name since the very first one. Just be glad it’s not being called “Sunday Funday” like so many other venues are calling their Sunday events, musical or not.

May 20, it was Mike & The Moonpies, a classic original rock country jazzy band based out of Austin and traveling the U.S.A. and the World. If you check out their schedule, (mikeandthemoonpies.com) you’ll see they will be in France and Italy in August for music festivals. Meanwhile, they are popping up all over the states until and after then.

Opening was Grace Tyler, don’t know much about her except that she showed up on American Idol recently and that she has a dynamite, powerful voice, which is not overpowered by gyrations and on-stage antics. There is a powerful lead guitarist in her fairly new band, along with drums and bass, and together, they made good music, country and rock.

Sorry, I got no really good shots of guitarist Catlin Rutherford of the Moonpies. I’ll work harder on him next time. I think it’s because he played so fast that he stayed out of focus for my camera. Yeah, I like that, let’s put that ball Catlin’s court!

If I have a criticism, it is that the sound was way too loud. Not just for me, for all those around me. I managed for quite a while, but then had to leave. (My hearing doctor said “You don’t have much hearing left, don’t ruin what you have!) Today, heading down to hear Eleven Hundred Springs and have earplugs in my pocket already!

For Mike & The Moonpies photos, click here:

For Grace Tyler photos, click here:


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