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Aubrey Lynn and Dustin Hendricks

Story by Mary Jane Farmer, Photos by Mary Jane Farmer and Ken Maxwell, as noted. Click on link at bottom for photos

This year’s Rusty Weir singer/songwriter contest kicked off in fine fashion Sunday, Jan. 7, (2018) at sponsor Love & War in Texas‘ Plano facility.

Round 1, Week 1 saw songwriters James Nored, Tanner Sparks, John Wesley Shelton, Joseph Wayne Miller, Justin Pickard, Brad Purdom, Shotgun Josephine, and  Mr. Troll vying to move into Round 2. The deal is, tho, they are actually competing against the other 16 who are in this round’s Weeks 2 and 3. The scores of several judges are combined and the top scorers will move into Round 2.

These, and those coming up, played/will play in duo song-swap style, four songs each.

But this whole affair is more of a “let’s all get together and have a good time” group of musicians who don’t often have a chance to enjoy one another’s company and music. Those not competing, or who tried out this year and didn’t make it into the competition also come and just enjoy the Sunday afternoons.

Round 1 Week 2 has happened, and photos coming soon! (I promise!)

For all photos, click here


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