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First published in the March 2016 issue of Buddy MagazineBarbed toss

Sarah Pierce, Barbed Wire, Little Bear Records

And speaking of life in the small town, Texas singer/songwriter Sarah Pierce has produced a near-biographical collection of songs on her latest release, Barbed Wire, which will be showcased on March 18 during the SXSW festivities in Austin.

The title cut, she said became a song when, one day, she was clearing a pasture, she found an old rusty barbed wire fence, which she found out that barbed wire was made in 1876. The lyrics came to her while holding a section of that wire, “pounded metal in the shape of a shooting star, trapped by three rusted wires, kind of like my heart.”

Like Granger Smith, Pierce also writes about her late father in the tender “See You in The Morning.” But she remembers him in another way, and proof that there’s more than one way to say “I miss you,” than “I miss you.” She sings of how her dad went to church every morning, but his church is a spot in the country where he knelt to talk to God “like they were old friends. He’d end each prayer with ‘I’ll die trying. If I make it through, I’ll see you in the morning.”

And about living in a small town, in this case in the country, Pierce sings “If you call us something, call us proud.” And her heart went into the “I’m the Daughter of a Cowboy’s Wife.” This song depicts how her dad left the family for city life, and how her mother worked to keep life together for her and the family.

This CD will be going into my list of “Favorite CDs of 2016.” No bout adout it. It’s not Sarah Pierce’s first project, but may be her best yet. It is available on and off her Website,

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