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Judges for Thursday night's contest

Judges for Thursday night’s contest

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It isn’t by accident that the scores between the Matt Nix Band and Rhythm & Beards was, maybe, the closest ever in Shiner Rising Star history. According to judges Mark Janese (Curb Records), John Garza (The Tejas Brothers), and Chuck Taylor (KHYI), both bands excelled in musicianship and songwriting.

This was the 3rd week of KHYI’s Shiner Rising Star Round 2, held at Hat Tricks in Lewisville Thursday night (Oct. 22). Both bands had, and used most of, 45 minutes to present their original songs and two cover songs in order to as Kyle Brooks (Rhythm & Beards) put it — “melt your faces.” At the end of each set, the band members returned to the stage to face the judges’ comments.

When KHYI’s Chuck Taylor made the announcement the following Friday morning, everyone learned that it would be the Matt Nix Band advancing into the final round.

Rhythm & Beards

Rhythm & Beards

Rhythm & Beards drew the straw that put them on stage first. Brooks, on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, is joined in the band by other bearded musicians Nate Morris on drums, Dorian Lamb on bass and vocals, and Ben Martinec on lead guitar and vocals. They dropped in a Georgia Satellite song, “Keep Your Hands To Yourself” and a Led Zeppelin song “Hey Hey What Can I Do?” between their originally-crafted songs.

Brooks, being the good sport he’s always been, pushed the Matt Nix Band during the set, and thanked the judges, Hat Tricks, Shiner Beer, and KHYI. After their set ended, members of the band also personally thanked the judges, one-on-one.

Critique — Janese opened first, saying the band was “a lot of fun, with great songwriting.” Garza agreed, adding that he noticed the band had a lot of moves on stage. His suggestion was that, since they added some harmonies, they could build those up more. “Everyone plays well, and the crowd seemed to like you. And that’s all that matters, really.” Taylor closed this critique out, re-emphasizing the band’s songwriting and harmony skills. “Excellent job,” Taylor added.


Matt Nix Band

The Matt Nix Band combined two songs named “Ride With Me” into one, beginning with the intro from Jason Isbell’s orginal, then blending that into the Zane Williams song which Pat Green recently covered on his last CD. They opened with that, then, near the closing time, covered Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” Emily Webb, usually on harmony vocals, took the lead on that, with Nix and fiddler Jasmine Daniele adding their harmonies.

Also in this band are Bryant Canzoneri on lead guitar, Chris Reeves on drums, and Ryan Jarrell on bass guitar. Nix reciprocated the mutual admiration between the two bands by asking the crowd to give it up once more for Rhythm & Beards. He also thanked all those involved with the contest.

One song that Nix sang, after he explained its inspiration, was “Honky Tonk Angel,” which he said was written for the late Ronny Spears, who Nix said was his musical idol.

During the band’s critique time. Janese said, “I work in alternate country music, pop music.” He then explained the ever-changing music scene, adding that the Matt Nix Band seems to be going in the direction of the new changes. “People are looking for real artists, musicians and singers. I’m very impressed. continuing your songwriting and write with other people.” Garza commented on the band’s energy and the “harmonies going on.” He said the songs were “a little pitchy at times, but with conviction, and that’s good. The guitar(ist) could be more prominent, but the fiddler player is amazing. These are two different bands, with two styles. Different is good.” Taylor commented, too, on the pitchiness, but added, “That’s OK if you have heart and compassion.” He, too, was especially agreeable about Jasmine Daniele’s fiddle playing. “Honky Ton Angel” is probably your best song. And “Jole” was second best. I liked the mix of Jason Isbell and Zane Williams (songs).”

Shiner Rising Star, Round 2 Week 4 (and the final week of Round 2) will be at Love & War in Texas, the Grapevine location, Thursday, Oct. 29, with music beginning at 8 p.m.

The finale, will be on Thursday, Nov. 12, at Love & War in Texas, the Plano location, between Matt Nix Band, Darrell Goldman band, Whiskey Prophets, and the winner of this upcoming contest between the Jerrod Morris and Big Joe Walker bands.

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