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Darrell Goldman Band

Darrell Goldman Band

This writer lost all her notes, including comments from the judges, so can only write a little from memory here. Click the links below for band photos

Contest was held at Club Dada in Deep Ellum, Dallas, and was between the Darrell Goldman band from Austin and the Straw Hat Society from the Paris area. Judges were all

Judges for the evening

Judges for the evening

KHYI on-air personalities — Brett Dillon, John Pedigo and Taylor Young. Young and Pedigo are also well-known songwriters and performers, The O’s. 

Darrell Goldman band chose a George Strait song (Troubadour) as one of its two required covers; Straw Hat Society opted for a Bob Dylon cover. 

The following Friday morning, KHYI announced it would be the Darrell Goldman band moving into the final round.

(Remember, as you go through these photos linked here, that sometimes Flickr adds some ad photos in between the band photos.)

Straw Hat Society

Straw Hat Society

For Darrell Goldman photos, click here

For Straw Hat Society photos, click here



And as an aside, Deep Ellum was hopping what with a Wine Tasting all through the area. This pic is of a street trio setting up. They played at least three hours for tips.

Street musicians


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