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Me and four other long-timers

Me and four other long-timers

I (this is Mary Jane here) think I will do a daily blog similar to what I could do at Larry Joe Taylor Fest. Blog being ‘I’m included’ compared with Website being ‘It’s all about the other person.’

The staff orientation is tonight (Wednesday, May 20), but it isn’t by any chance the beginning of happenings here. One that staff (and when I say ‘staff,’ please know that it is volunteers here. Only two or three people are paid year-round. I used to be one of them, paid $50 a week — when we had the money — plus the 10×20 foot rustic cabin I lived in.) has been busy in many areas. One of those is the completion of the first-ever fully-flushable toilets for concert goers. That’s all due to volunteer staffers  who have reworked all the plumbing on the ranch, and who have worked on a great restroom facility since January. The article in the Kerrville Daily Times

It is amazing to me just how many volunteers are still here, from when I first started (full-time for that $50 a week) in 1980. Actually, I came as a paid ticket holder in 1975, and began volunteering in 1976, and that story is in a previous blog here, written last year. So much grey hair, so many disabilities, and yet, here we are — and so many smiles and hugs. I’ve included one photo here of some of my long-timer friends.

Volunteer and other photos


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  1. Catherine E Reid says:

    Mary Jane you are a wonderful story teller, I could read your stories forever !❤️⭕️❌
    Your calendar only goes to Jan. 9 please let me know when you are going to be in Van Alstyine
    On a Sat. In Jan, or Feb. as soon as you get back to normal.

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