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| November 11, 2012

North Texas’ Sy Simons is releasing a new song, “Never Be Alone,” soon, — very soon. Sy shared it with Scene In Town for an advance listen. The 1st listen was intriguing, enough that demanded a 5th and then a 10th listen, and with each listen, there’s an appreciative new depth in the lyrics and production.

In simple words, “Never Be Alone” is a keeper.

Simons said this is the first release of several more to follow, choosing the marketing system of one-release-at-a-time, rather than recording an entire CD before releasing any songs.

“This way,” Simons said, “I can  release songs that have a harder focus and attention to detail  that full CDs can tend to miss. ‘Never Be Alone’ is the start, and with any luck, the next song will be ‘Circumstance’ with a music video to accompany it.”  Wolfe Productions is working on that video with him.

Producing the song are Simons and Tim Phelan, and this first song has been and those to follow are being recorded, mixed and mastered at CRT Studios in Arlington, Texas.

“I think I’ve found a niche in marketing that will help my music reach the most ears,” the singer/songwriter said.

Sy moved to the North Texas area after seven years in Nashville, where he was a regular at Dan McGuinness, Fiddle n Steel, and a few others. He’s been a familiar voice locally at Boomerjacks in Murphy, Love & War in Texas in Plano, and Monkeys Pub n Grub in Sachse.

Sy plays solo most opf the time, often opening for Chris Allen & The Tailgaiting Band. He has a full band, too, when that is a priority.

But, for now, Sy is taking time off from the live-gig circuit so he can “get enough swell to get bars to hire the whole band on a regular basis. Then, the band is all mine to rock every last stretch of highway.” He will hit a few songwriter nights to try out his new materials, and can be found at Tavern on Main Street (Tuesday nights) and Dawgs n Hawgs (Thursday nights.)

Go to Sy Simons’ Website, to connect with his media outlets. On his ReverbNation site are other songs to give a listen to and a video of his, “Up All Night.”

The new release, “Never Be Alone,” will become available on ITunes soon.“ Check often for it. Like I said, it’s a keeper.

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