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Anytime Fitness outside sign installed Monday evening, 3.28.22

By Mary Jane Farmer for the Van Alstyne News, Scene In Town

Van Alstyne’s own Cage Sawyers is opening a gymnasium, the newest in the Anytime Fitness franchise. The local born-and-raised man is a 2017 graduate of Van Alstyne High School and soon will be going to the University of Texas law school, he said.

But, in the interim, Sawyers has been taking steps to nurture his dream of providing a gym and is nearing his goal. The store will open in April, but, he added, the exact date isn’t set in stone yet.

He has been working on it, in phases and stages, for about a year. “There was not a gym around when I was in school. And I always wanted one, here in Grayson County,” he said.

First, he had to decide on which franchise worked best toward his goals, and that search and perusal had him settle in on Anytime Fitness, and then he had to buy into the franchise. Next, of course, it was location, location, location. And he found a perfect one, 385 Henry Hynds Expy (U.S. 75 east side service road). That’s in the newer, small shopping center anchored by Dominos Pizza, and in plain sight for anyone going to Dollar General.

Although he’s the first user of this particular site, there was some construction necessary to adapt it for gymnasium use and that’s taken about three months, he said.

Sawyers lauded the help given to him by the Community Development Corporation team of Rodney Williams and Tiffany Chartier, “They were instrumental in helping, and also the entire city was helpful in things like getting my permits in place and in a timely manner. They were all very courteous to this local resident.”

Next up will be the certificate of occupation, which is a document given to a business to certify that it’s commercial, office, or other working space complies with local codes and fit for use.

About the offerings of Anytime Fitness, Sawyers explained that, “We are going to have standard equipment with tangible data available about how you are improving. It’s not supposed to be a body-building gym, but rather to be a place for those in the community to increase their health and wellness.

Health is wealth,” he said.

“The facility will be available 24-7, and locked up, for safety, once a person or people is/are inside at night. “There will be a coach here for you at all times, and for those who want it, a personal trainer to help you on your wellness journey,” he added.

When Sawyers goes away to college, Kenneth Nelson will manage the gym.

“A lot of people have already signed up, there seems to be a lot of need for this,” Sawyers said.

There is a place on the parent company’s Website,, to sign up and receive more information. And that site shows the phone number shows to be 469-400-7634.

Plus, Sawyers and others will be on site Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, for questions and pre-sales.

“We are so grateful to have this opportunity,” said the young man who has already put heart, soul, and diligent effort into getting Anytime Fitness open for business.


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