Jason Elmore sets the perfect stage for Bugs Henderson

| November 6, 2010

MARY JANE’S NOTE:  David Card, aka Poor David, sent me this quote after Friday night’s show and after reading the story on Jason.

“Jason Elmore was one of the most engaging, mesmerizing and successful opening acts I have ever had. He WILL be back, and so will the fans.”

By Mark Bickham

Bugs Henderson meets the talent of Jason Elmore, aka a changing of the guard.

Jason Elmore & Bugs Henderson

It was a rare acoustic duo show for Bugs Henderson at Poor David’s Pub Friday night. Poor David’s Pub has been on the leading edge of incredible and unique music since the mid-1970s, and Friday night’s show was among the top.

David Card said ahead of time that they would be recording it for a possible “Live at PD’s” CD in a special side of Bugs that all guitar enthusiasts
 will have certainly enjoyed.

What no one said ahead of time was that Jason Elmore would be opening for Bugs. Not only was Jason ahead of his game, but he ended his set with something musicians world-wide have wanted to do. He asked a loud-mouth in the front row to move back to the bar.

Jason said when he told the guy to move, “You are too loud.” He said he figured, “I’ve lost this gig.” The man, one of a couple, was obnoxious, and had been loud all through Jason’s set. Jason, wanting the atmosphere to be perfect for his idol, Bugs, wanted to set the stage right for him.

But the crowd’s reaction was just the opposite of what Jason thought. “It just bonded him with the crowd, a real cool moment, and he burned the place down to a standing ovation!

Bugs, then, could  not quit talking about Jason. While I stood there, he told Jason, “Son, I’ve been playing a long time and I never had anybody with close to that intensity open for me.. That was great!!!” Bugs gushed and Jason blushed!

Jason Elmore

“Even though you play that cowboy guitar, that was incredible,” Bugs added, talking about Jason’s acoustic guitar.

On stage, Bugs continued, pointing out to the crowd while they kept on applauding for Jason, “What do I do now to follow this.” He then did what he does best — mesmerize the crowd properly warmed up — no, heated up — to a frenzy by Jason Elmore.

A love fest.

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