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Reported by Mary Jane Farmer, Van Alstyne News, Scene In Town

Van Alstyne Police Sgt. Steve Hayslip report that during the two-week period ending February, the Van Alstyne Police Department received 246 calls for service.

Arrest — Police were called to check on the welfare of a man passed out behind the steering wheel of his vehicle and in a public place. When the officer knocked on the vehicle’s window, the man opened it and the officer noted the distinct odor of marijuana coming from inside. Hayslip reported that no medical attention was required for the suspect.

With probable cause, the officer searched and found the various drugs inside the vehicle. He placed the suspect under arrest on a variety of charges.

Charges the suspect was jailed on were: Possession of Controlled Substances PG3, PG2, PG1A and marijuana, plus one charge of unlawfully carrying a weapon. The total bail set was $10,000, which the suspect posted in surety bonds for his release the following day.

Wrecks — During this past two weeks, police investigated four car crashes. Hayslip said three of them did cause bodily injury, but nobody was seriously injured. The fourth crash caused no bodily harm, he added. Two were on U.S. Hwy. 75, one on the entrance ramp, and the fourth was on a city street.

Hayslip added that there were zero wrecks during the recent snow and ice storm.


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