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Library Director Judy Kimzey addresses the Welcome Newcomers crowd at its first (January) meeting.

First printed in the Van Alstyne Leader, 2.7.20 edition. This month’s  Welcome Newcomers gathering is at 6 p.m., Wednesday, February 26, at City Hall. And please go to the Facebook “Van Alstyne Newcomers” and give it a like to keep up.

Mary Jane Farmer, For the Van Alstyne Leader

Van Alstyne newcomers and longtimers met over coffee to get acquainted with one another in a welcoming atmosphere.

Numerous newcomers joined Van Alstyne Steve Riley and city officials for coffee and a feast of donuts and other delicacies January 29 for the first of an on-going “Welcome Newcomers” gatherings at City Hall.

Resident Judy Womack led the introductions, first introducing Riley. He explained that the current city council is “a really good council. They have the hearts in them for the work.” Riley added that with the rapid growth coming, the “town is really involving and the population may double in the next couple of years.”

Judy Kimzey, library director, explained the programs the library offers for people of all ages. Police Chief Tim Barnes told the crowd about its yearly National Night Out celebration, “it brings out between 800-1,000 people every great. We put the family and community first.”

Andy Albertini, who moved his family here from McKinney, said they wanted to get away from the hustle of the bigger city. They were looking at building a home when a contract fell through on a new house near Sanford Park, and they grabbed it up. His daughter is in Van Alstyne Middle School, and his son commutes to Collin County College. His wife works in McKinney and “the commutes work well for us.” His daughter, he said has a ‘friend group’ at school and they all have made friends with neighbors. “People call us by name when we walk into the pharmacy and the post office. I grew up in a small town and this feels more like home.”

Myra Hammonds and her husband, Walt, from to Van Alstyne from California about five weeks before the Newcomers Gathering and live in Greywood Heights. He’s a retired pastor and she’s a retired librarian.

“We have already connected with the (public) library and met Judy (Kimzey). We have already read two history books, and learned that the Boy Scouts here are the third oldest troop in the state and that, in 1889, a college opened in town.” They have been visiting churches before settling in but believe now that they know what church they will make their home. “We want to be involved,” Hammonds said. “It’s the spirit of the people we like best, the friendliness and openness of this town. We want to meet people. This is a good example of the warmth of the people — this get-together. I like to hug and the people here, when they get to know you, they hug.”

The next Welcome Newcomers gathering will be at 6 p.m., February 26, at City Hall.



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