Fun New Skills for Retirees and Seniors to Learn Online

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When you are in the workforce, you daydream about all the things you’ll be able to do once you retire. Then you actually get there and the choices for what to do next can feel, well, a bit overwhelming. There is so much to do, so much to see, and even more to learn.

Make the most out of your retirement by learning how to do all the things you always wanted to do when you were grinding away at your nine and five — and then some more! It’s super easy to gain new skills and knowledge with the incredible resource that is the internet. There are classes and courses for just about everything from home skills like cooking to things that can actually make you a little extra dough like real estate.

There are countless ways to sharpen your mind and pursue your interests, online and otherwise. Of course, before you begin any hobby or activity, whether it’s adding some new foods to your diet or checking out a new fitness routine, take a moment to assess your physical wellness to determine if you’re healthy enough for what you want to pursue. Schedule a checkup to ensure you’re in good shape — if you have a $0 copay through a Medicare Advantage plan, such as those offered from UnitedHealthcare, it won’t cost you anything but a little time. Although you don’t necessarily need to have a wellness checkup before beginning every hobby, it never hurts to make sure nothing will stand between you and the pursuits that strike your fancy.

Below are just a few of our favorite ideas for fun new skills for retirees and seniors to learn online.

Online Lessons for Learning an Instrument

Whether you want to learn something completely new or re-introduce yourself to an instrument you played when you were younger, there are countless online lessons that can help you refine your musical talents. Playing an instrument in your senior years can help keep the mind sharp and boost creativity. It can help improve dexterity in your hands and relieve arthritis pains. When you play an instrument, it also boosts your self-esteem and gives you another thing to talk about and bond over with new people in your life.

Online Lessons for Culinary Skills

You probably know how to cook a few dishes at this point, but there are probably hundreds of recipes and techniques out there you don’t even know about. Expand your culinary repertoire by learning new skills online. Online cooking classes allow you to go at your own pace and do it all from the comfort of your own kitchen. You get to make the dishes you want to learn and if you mess something up, nobody has to know but you!

Online Lessons to become a Real Estate Agent

If you want to keep adding to your nest egg or start saving a little more to leave to your kids and grandkids after you go, there are a few different options for seniors who want to make money. You could get a part-time job at a store or use your car to drive for a popular ride-share service around town, but the best way to make money part time is by working as a real estate agent.

Many of the skills you gained in your career can be reused in your pursuit of selling real estate. This part time job is incredibly flexible and provides big payouts for single sales — perfect for someone who wants to supplement retirement payouts or a pension. You also won’t be alone if you decide to pursue real estate in your golden years; the average age of a realtor is 57. To sell real estate, you have to have a license and training before you take a state exam. The good news is you can prepare for all of this from the comfort of your own home with online classes.

Make the most of your golden years by learning all the skills you’ve always wanted to do online. You can find great lessons that teach you at your own pace and they online cost a little if not completely free. If you want to enhance your skills in the kitchen, online cooking classes can teach you anything from how to julienne a carrot to making the perfect soufflé. Learning how to play an instrument online can help sharpen your brain while filling your home with music.

Finally, build up your finances by learning a part-time career like real estate where you can make big bucks on your own schedule.



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