CD Review: Kevin Fowler-“Barstool Stories”

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Kevin Fowler, “Barstool Stories,” Kevin Fowler Records — Also appeared in September 2019  issue of Buddy Magazine

Kevin Fowler has gone and done it again — released a great album. Barstool Stories, this project is called, released

Some of the songs have already been major hits, not only in Texas, but across the national charts as well. Those include “Beach Please,” which was released about 18 months go; “Country Song to Sing;” and “Better With Beer,” which is currently high on the Texas charts.

And there’s some of the first-time-on-a-record songs that have that same charting potential. “Breakin’ in a Broken Heart” is one of those and should be on the Americana/Texas music/Country music stations now. “Living These Songs I Write” probably isn’t a potential release, but it is a dynamite album cut! Roger Creager and Cody Johnson join him on “A Drinkin’ Song.” This song reminds me of something Fowler told me during an interview. He said he believes that people go out at night to have a good time, that they don’t want to hear tears-in-the-beer tunes. And he always plans to give them a fun evening. If you’ve been to a Kevin Fowler show, you understand. If you haven’t yet — it’s just a suggestion, but find one near you and partake of the party he provides. Just make sure you don’t get into the club with a “Fake I.D.,” and the song about his experience with such is another good song on this CD.

Fowler has a serious, but not at-all gloomy, side on “She’s Growing On Me” and “Heaven.” Lyrics on that song, destined to be a Texas classic, say, ‘When it’s my time to go, And I’m at the end of my road, I’ll be fine, I know, ‘Cause I’ve already gone to heaven.” Serious, but not gloomy.

This powerful CD, Barstool Stories, is available on all streaming sites and online at Fowler will be playing Lewisville Western Days on September 27.


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