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CD Review, “Home”, George Ensle, Independent/Berkalin Records

Sometimes the best music come unexpectedly. George Ensle has been producing good — no, make that great — music for decades, and this newest of his CDs, Home, is perhaps the best of them all.

Ensle either wrote or co-wrote all the songs on this 10-song project, and has some of the best co-writers one could ever ask for on his side. Tony Ramey co-wrote “Black Sheep,” a song about “the prodigal, always on the run…  black sheep always need a second chance.” And Chuck Hawthorne added his pen to one of my favorites on this project, “Gloves.” This tune is reminiscent of Guy Clark’s “Randall Knife,” yet not the same at all. The gloves were a gift from his dad when he set out to be on his own. “Wear ‘em for the greater good, and always remember, son, Always build God’s kingdom…” And a verse about how he failed when he wasn’t wearing them. And “through the years I mended fences every chance I had, and I rebuilt old foundations when they were going bad.” Lines of really growing up, growing in maturity. Lessons in life. And “All I Need,”co-written with Richard Dobson, is a song of answered prayers. “I asked for strength, and I got troubles to get me straight and strong, asked for wisdom and I got problems that taught me right from wrong… I asked for mercy and I got an old friend who needed a second chance, I got all I wanted when I got all I need.” And as I’ve listened to this CD over and over again — it’s that good — I would think with one song “That’s my favorite,” and then another song will play and it’s be, “No, wait‚ that one’s my favorite.” Ad infinitum. But, it’s settled now… my favorite is “Old Windmill Waltz,” and maybe that’s because hardly anybody every writes, plays, or sings waltzes any more. Well, George Ensle did.

Ensle has a voice that puts sweetness and sincerity in every lyric. Harmonies are added by other sweet voices such as those of Christine Albert and Kristin DeWitt. And the who’s who of the Texas Hill Country provides instrumentation.

Home is available on Ensle’s Website, and on most streaming sites. He normally plays around the Texas Hill Country, and is due to play Harmony House Concerts in the Bonham area on July 6.

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