Larry Joe Taylor Fest 2019, Wednesday, Day 3

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Randy Brown’s
mud boots

Story and photos by Mary Jane Farmer, and while you’re here on Scene In Town, always check out the Official Texas Music Calendar.

You know, one of the best things, imperative even, to pack up is your sportsmanship when going to a music festival. Wednesday proved that to the countless throngs that came and that stayed in spite of the also countless rain and thunderstorms that drenched Melody Mountain Ranch.

And for those of you just now catching up, it was Day 3, Wednesday, of Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Fest that brought the crowd — and the thunder and rain. LJT the Rainmaker we can call him now,

Mud boots, put to good use Wednesday!

borrowing a moniker from (the late) Rod (Kennedy) the Rainmaker of the Kerrville Festivals.

And my sense of humor is challenged today. One of my cameras is missing (bet it shows up somewhere, maybe in some lost-and-found), and that’s a loss, but it also contained most of the photographs I took… my personal challenge was the rain boots all around. Got pix of dozens of them, but no more. Well, maybe Randy Brown’s galoshes, which I had uploaded to free the disc up.

Brown opens up the T-Birds Garage Pub stage each Bloody Mary Morning. He can and will either sing the whole couple of hours, or turn it into an open mic. Yesterday, Tyler Rogers and Justin Ross both stepped up to that open mic and each gave the audience (indoor audience that is!) their best.

And Wednesday started the afternoon line-up with two stages being active at the same time. The T-Birds stage along with the Allsups stage, both giving protection from the rain!

After Brown finished, and kept the crowd completely engrossed in his voice and his choice of songs. Cole Risner and his band followed, and then it was Tanner Fenoglio and Giovannie & The Hired Guns on that stage. Meanwhile, over on the Allsups stage, there was The Coalition, which consists of Deryl Dodd, Larry Joe Taylor, and Dave Perez. Following him was Max and Heather Stalling and their band of such renown.

Oh, boy, by then the rains were giving the grounds enough moisture to make that Melody Mountain Ranch grass grow all summer, at least it seemed that way. Adam Hood delivered an impressive concert, swagger included. Then it was Shotgun Rider and Shane Smith & The Saints, frankly sounding very much alike.

Justin Ross on the Bloody Mary Morning stage

Casey Donahew and his band always swagger, and finally Turnpike Troubadours. Oh, my, such a mixture of sad drinking songs, but delivered with joy galore.

Now, just so you know, and in case you are still considering making the trek to Stephenville — which is almost in the center of Texas, so it’s not a long trek— the sun is out this Thursday and there is the promise of no more rain — according to every cell-phone source of weather. And there’s still tickets for the taking. Online at


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