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The Voice, Trey Rose (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

First printed in The Paris News, 3.27.19, Story by Mary Jane Farmer,, Photo courtesy NBC

Trey Rose, the professional name that Hugo native Jack Rosenthal III uses, watched his own blind audition segment on The Voice Monday night, at the same time that fans from all over Texas and Oklahoma were as well, and, though he wasn’t selected to move on, said he is not at all unhappy with the entire experience. In fact, he said Tuesday morning, he’s ecstatic about all he’s learned from it, the people he’s met and worked with, and the way that television sponsor network NBC treats all the contestants on the show. “I can’t stress enough — it was literally one of the best experiences of my life,” Rose said.

Rose isn’t able to apply again for The Voice or any other televised contest of that ilk for one year, by contract that he and all contestants signed with NBC. “People have been asking me all morning, ‘Are you going back next year?’ But, partly because of The Voice, “We have had so many great things pop up, and by 2020 I won’t be needing anything like The Voice anymore.”

A Maroon 5 fan since he was a child, Rose chose Adam Levine as his coach during the Blind Auditions. He also received considerable and daily help from the contracted coaches The Voice provides. “As far as coaches go, I am really happy with all of them,” he said.

Rose was paired in the Battle Round with Domenic Haynes of Florida. They were assigned to perform “I Need A Dollar,” a song by Aloe Blacc. Rose said that many of the contestants groaned when they learned of their assigned songs. “I knew that song really well. I heard it a lot when I was at the plant (former work place). It wasn’t a very big hit, more of a B-side song. I was really happy with the song selection.

Trey Rose playing in Hugo, by Mary Jane Farmer

Domenic is one of those guys I definitely noticed when we were there for the blind auditions. He’s got one of those big personalities, and then we were on the same team (Team Adam). When we were paired, we already knew who each other was. We practiced the song together, we both had a very much ‘I’m here to work’ mind-set. The Voice provides the best vocal coaches ever, and a couple of times I had Adam’s input. After the long day practicing with the coaches, we’d go back to the hotel and worked our behinds off. The hotel had practice rooms we could book for one-hour sessions, and we used those.

Domenic is such a great human being. I’m so glad I was paired with him. We are friends. And we talked together all night last night (after the show aired.)”

Rose even talked Tuesday morning about that little two-step jig he did — accidentally — during the Battle Round. Even with all the practice and advice from coaches, he said he didn’t know if he’d hit the falsetto note in the song. “Adam said, ‘You’re scared, you are backing off from the mic for that.’ So, that was another thing I’d been working on. Also, it was the first time I’d been on a stage without a guitar, and I was really nervous about that. I was supposed to stay in Dom’s face when he sang. But when I hit it (the note), I was so excited and spun around, then I got caught up in my own foot.” But, watching and re-watching the video of that Battle Round segment shows that dimpled smile never left Trey’s face.

Rose said he lost sleep about that for weeks. “I played it up so much in my head,” he said. Then, after he, too, watched the show on NBC and saw that portion, “I was super relieved when I saw that it was way worse in my head. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.”

Rose also said that he’s taking everything he learned during the time spent at The Voice to heart and some of it “wasn’t anything I haven’t heard before. But to hear it from someone like Adam (Levine), it’s different than maybe hearing someone in a bar saying the same thing.”

And when asked how much it cost him to participate in this adventure, Rose explained, “NBC takes care of everything. You get paid per diem and weekly stipend, and NBC paid to fly my family out to the blind, and they put up my kids, my mom, and my girlfriend at the hotel.” His parents and grandparents, he said, did have to pay their own airfare.

Hugo fans surround Trey after his gig in his hometown. Photo by Mary Jane Farmer

“There were people there who had been on (another televised contest), and were really surprised and pleased with how much better The Voice treats everyone,” he said.

Rose is now planning to go into the studio and begin recording music, something he had to hold off on accomplishing during the time he active with The Voice. “I’m going to release a single to start with, maybe followed up with two or three more, before completing a full record,” he said. And touring a lot more. Rose lives now in the Houston area, but tours Texas and much of southern Oklahoma. Since his televised time on The Voice, he said more offers have been coming in. His manager, Chris Gunn, handles all his booking and promotion.

Saturday night, Rose will be playing at Bubba’s Brewhouse in Durant, double-billed with Copper Chief, a Texas band who appeared on Real Country Music recently. “I’m really excited to be playing Bubba’s,” he said. “It’s a real deal live music venue where people go to listen to music.”

About touring and maybe touring with Haynes, he said, “I’d be happy hitting the road with most of the other 47 contestants.”

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