Rusty Wier Rd 3, Wk 1, March 3, 2019

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Wesley Joe Malone, 2017 Rusty Wier challenge winner

Story and photos by Mary Jane Farmer — Click here to view all the photos from this round, and feel free to download any (no charge).

Round 3 of the 2019 Rusty Wier singer/songwriter challenge kicked off with incredible music from the first six of the 12 remaining musicians — Parker Twomey, Byron Dowd, Reid Perry, Kevin Edwards, Zach Pohl, and Justin Cashion.

Love & War in Texas in Plano hosts and sponsors this contest each year. They have added an opening gig at one of this upcoming season’s Shiner Sunday concerts as another prize the winner can claim. The winner also will get a 3-song EP, from recording to finished product, from WarRoom Studios of Princeton, and a feature article in an upcoming issue of Buddy Magazine.

In this round, and again in the final round, March 17, each person performs three originals and cover a Rusty Wier song.

And everyone was treated to a surprise concert from the 2017 winner, Wesley Joe Malone, who was actually there to root his Paris, Texas, buddy, Justin Cashion on, and ended up borrowing Justin’s guitar for his songs.

This coming Sunday, March 10, is Round 3 Week 2, with Larry Martin, Dave Thomas, James Lann, Stacey Shope, Jared Thomas, and Harley Dale Brown.

And six of these 12 will go into the finals.

No cover charge for these concerts.

Oh, yeah — It was hot-dang cold on the patio with temperatures dipping down to 30 degrees. New Plano laws won’t let the venue use its propane heat any longer, but they kept every overhead heater in the place turned on. Those helped a lot! Musicians on stage took advantage, between their songs, to warm their guitar-pickin’ fingers on the space heater placed on stage for them.



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