One weekend of music, Jan. 25/26

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True Vine Brewing Co stage.

Seldom write ‘blog’ style, but here’s one!

And these and other photos are accessible, free download, Click here

Counting blessings today. So many — new people I met, new musicians I heard, favorites I heard again, drives through the small backroads.

Started Friday as I headed out to Tyler for the Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival’s “Line-up Reveal” event. This was at the True Vine

Alex Smith

Brewing Company, and I guess about 300 people there. Opening the stage was long-time friend from Shiner Rising Star days, Alex Smith, who was with The Bigsbys from Palestine during those SRS days of yore. He played a solo set, and if anything his voice has gotten even stronger.

My two favorite people I met there were Taylor and Tiffany. Both very nice people, made this lonely lady feel so right at home. Tiffany, it turns out, is Alex’ cousin, and so it

Taylor and friends

was old home-week for them. Taylor is a sweetheart who shared her trials, physical/medical more than emotional, with me. She’s one of those “I’m not letting that beat me up, it isn’t going to win” type of people I admire so much.

The event was outside, although on a covered patio, and in Friday’s coldness, believe me… I’ve now eliminated one item on my bucket list. That was the hope to go to Montana and live there for one year, hoping to learn how to live through its coldness. Now, I know how — I just leave if it’s too cold to stay. So, missed the Mike & The Moonpies show.

Stacy Musgrove

Saturday, headed out to Paris for a benefit to help a local there who was seriously injured recently in a semi-wreck. This was at the Elks Lodge there, and its several rooms were totally packed. Food for there or to go, live and silent auction, t-shirts for sale, and music music music… Heard one man mention it was the best reunion he’d ever been to. Kids rolled around on the dance floor, and volunteers made sure everyone was aware of how to get the right tickets for the items they wanted.

Adam Walker

Adam Walker played a solo gig, following a couple from Blackland He’s one of those new-to-me performers, and was very good. Then, Stacy Musgrove Band on stage, and one young boy stood in front of him as if trying to learn how Stacy played that guitar. Dancers moved around and never once stepping on the rolling-around kids, and hugs were the order of the day.

Helene Cronin

Back home, Helene Cronin at El Patio Escondido. Can’t get enough of that lady’s smile or her music. And apparently there were several others who loved the whole package too, staying long after they finished off their meal.

Then over to Cooley Bay Winery for the Bent Creek trio. Claude Webb, Brent Hollensed, and Jeff Youree kept the small-but-appreciative and fun-loving crowd’s attention, even playing longer than their

Bent Creek trio

‘required’ time. That’s the kind of guys they are — just loving to play music.

And the blessings of the road, too. Went through a lot of towns on my way to and from Tyler, where I spent lots of time with grandparents and cousins and other family growing up. Stopped in Celeste for some coffee, met a nice guy, Jackie, who was fun to talk with. He happened to know where my ancestors’ land was there in Celeste, the land they bought after moving to Texas from Tennessee. Jackie said that since I had last driven in that direction, the property owner had gotten rid of all the buffalo that were there before. Darn, but it did save me a short drive.

Loved the bicycle paths on the paved roadway around the brewing company in Tyler. And saw a farmer on a 4-wheel mule-type vehicle, chasing a porcupine through a field. That, and lots of scenes where I wish I’d had my camera in the front seat with me. But, oh well…

And BTW, that Red Dirt Event will be May 4 in downtown Tyler, tickets go on sale online Feb. 1, and just advice here, but it’s a good idea to get your ticket ahead of time instead of waiting until you get there that day. People have been turned away then. Townsquare Media’s radio station KHUE sponsors and organizes this event.

El Patio Escondido has Tony Ramey playing Monday night, and it’s a CD release party for Tony. Cooley Bay Winery has Hannah Hokit coming on the second Saturday of February. The Elks Lodge in Paris is good to keep their Saturday night live music sent here, all these going onto the (click here) Official Texas Music Calendar too.


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