The Bodarks-Thunder and Lightning

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Shelly New and Jeffery Brooks, of The Bodarks

Story and photos by Mary Jane Farmer

The Bodarks set up — twice — for their following at Wales Manor Saturday night (Aug. 18, 2018), the first time on the outdoor stage, as per normal at this amphitheater-style venue in New Hope/McKinney. The second time was just in the nick of time, as thunder and lightning kicked through the area. The rain stayed away until they had all the equipment inside, but then kicked in big time.

The crowd stayed, taking their lawn chairs inside, after some of them helped transfer the band’s sound equipment from out yonder to in here. And the hootenanny began.  Jeff, Shelly, Bob, and Daniel —guitar and banjo, fiddle, doghouse bass, and mandolin respectively — carried the crowd, mixed with super fans and newcomers to The Bodarks — through two hours of pickin’ and singin’ as only The Bodarks can bring it.

The band put together a free raffle for ticket-holders, and gave away a free T-shirt and CD.

Inside the Wales Manor building

And as usual, the kids had a great time. First, outside, while The Bodarks set up, the waterguns came out, were loaded and reloaded and loaded again. Inside, several of them played the fruit-shaped maracas the band always leaves out for such shenanigans.

This week, Saturday night, brings the Kevin Deal Band to Wales Manor, 4488 County Road 408, New Hope/McKinney. Downbeat at 7:15 pm.

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