Gary Morris does not disappoint!

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Gary Morris

Short story and all photos by Mary Jane Farmer. Click on the links below for more photos. And BTW, anyone is free to upload any photo. Would just appreciate it if you left the watermark/signature on it.

Gary Morris played to a fully-packed Love & War in Texas June 10, and according to the applause and the smiles, he gave the fans the concert they were hoping for.

It all started a little later than the usual 4 p.m. kick-off time, but only by a few minutes. The original songwriter, driving up to Plano from Austin, got stuck in traffic and didn’t make it. But, as soon as the L&W crew found that out, they enlisted the talents of David Byboth, there to handle sound for the day. David borrowed an acoustic guitar from Gary, one he described as ‘fantastic’ and ‘incredible’ and dove into his music as if he were fully prepared for this impromptu honor.

Morris was there for about half of Byboth’s set, sitting at a front table with friends Victor and Susan, and listening to David play, obviously enjoying it. Then, it was Morris‘ turn. Byboth turned immediately back into efficient sound man and gave his best to Morris and to his crowd.

David Byboth

Morris usually plays solo nowadays, not like the days of the 80s when he was on top of the country music world. And some of the requests made, he said, he couldn’t do without a full band. But he sang a passel of those hits, plus several from his new CD, being released in just a few more weeks. He told the crowd that this new recording project is his most personal ever. One, if memory serves, was about his dad, who served in  World War II… delivered with a reverence for his predecessor.

An obvious favorite was “Second Hand Heart,” done with a style made for boots and sawdust — and dancing. He combined his most powerful hit, “Wind Beneath My Wings,” into a medley with other faves, with lyrics that made one close the eyes and sing along.

After it was all over, and Morris had hugged a girl who brought up a request for her parent, and he had gotten his friend Victor up on stage with him for a few moments, and he sang his last song, Morris hung around for the crowd. A very informal, unplanned Meet n Greet. He signed autographs on CDs, blank pieces of papers, and even on armband. He stayed until the last fan, who wanted to, had been able to visit, shake hands, say thanks, and get a hug and a photo in return.

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