Ellis Paul rocks the (Harmony) House

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Ellis Paul

He played to two open rooms, combined by a short wall, giving those listeners in each room his undivided attention. Ellis Paul is just that kinda pro, one who appreciates every single one of his fans and gives each one his best.

Ellis played Sunday (Aug. 13, 2017) as part of the on-going Harmony House concert series in the Bonham area. It had been five years since Ellis had appeared in this series, and it was apparent that the crowd want him back sooner than another five years.

Ellis Paul is a folk singer from the northeast U.S., one who, since the 1980s, has played on nearly every major stage ever built. It’s the listening rooms he likes the best. And, he said early in the concert, that the Harmony House is the best of all house concerts.

Faye Wedell and Scott Lipsett own Wildscape Acres, and have moved and restored an historic Bonham house to its original, rustic charm. They have been

Charming roadway

hosting house concerts there for oh-these-many-years. The road to the house, a walk around on the porches, and the opulent garden and lawn make everyone feel so welcome. Sunday, there were deer playing at the edge of the lawn, just outside the wooded area.

Ellis told stories about his songs and about his life. And he teased with his audience. And he got that same audience to singing along to his songs. Just imagine, 75 people singing along to “Kick Out The Lights — Johnny Cash, Johnny Cash,

Johnny Cash.” A great song to the great, late man in black. And Ellis Paul wrote it. And to honor his ultimate influence, Woody Guthrie, Ellis had

Ellis Paul

people singing along with him on “This Land is Your Land.”

Ellis ended the evening by going to the piano in the back of Room 1 and playing a couple of songs, with everyone from Room 2 standing and crowding into Room 1.

Check out Harmony House Concerts on Facebook, to get a glimpse of the land and house that

Wildscape Acres yard and garden. Deer played occasionally along that back wooded line

music lovers become a part of when they attend Wildscape Acres. And go to their Website, WildscapeAcres.com , click on “Harmony House Concerts, for the upcoming schedule. The next one will be on September 16 or 17, (that’s to be determined soon), and features Andrew Hardin and Jeannie Burns of Wimberley, Texas. An acoustic duo guaranteed to fill those two rooms with perfect harmony.

Ellis Paul at Woody Fest, in his signature particular post and microphone use, seen several times at Harmony House




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