Woody Fest 2017, Friday, 7/14/17

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Joel Raphael and the John Trudell Bad Dog Band

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Friday at Woody Fest 2017 in Okemah, and it just got better with every passing day.

These photos are of those I was assigned to photograph plus some who may have been still on the particular stage when I arrived, or who got up there really quickly when my ‘assignment’ had finished. Either way, it was a great way to expand my earful of music. And there were about a dozen times as many musicians as I could ever get to see or hear. There were five WoodyFest photographers in all.

As I’ve said, there are 4 daytime stages, plus other activities going on, such as much at a church or at the history center, or open mics at other stages, and such. And sometimes, we are assigned two performers at two separate venues during the day, so gotta shoot and run!

Then, at night, it all moves over to Pastures of Plenty for the several bands who play there.

One exceptional treat, aka assignment, I had was author and health-care worker Therese Crutcher-Marin, who has written on a book on the devastating effects of Huntington’s Disease, which is what took the life of Woody Guthrie and multitudes of victims since then. She could hardly talk about it all with her crowd, inside the History Center, without wiping her eyes often. And then, there is a radio program that is recorded, with interviews from many of the performers and to be featured later on. One, K.C. Clifford, talked about her childhood with an eating disorder and her recovery from the disgrace she suffered. And then to see her perform later, oh my!

And then, there’s the music. All incredible, with every performer or group providing a uniqueness only unto themselves. A highlight here was Joel Rafael’s work with John Trudell’s Bad Dog Band, and which he and others performed only Trudell’s writings.

The 2018 Woody Fest is already scheduled for July 11-15, again, of course in Woody’s birthplace, Okemah, Okla.




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