WoodyFest 2017, Thursday

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At The Crystal Theater, musicians closed out with Guthrie’s “This Land Is My Land”

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The daytime events of WoodyFest are held on four stages — 3 indoors (Brick House, the Crystal Theater, and the Hen House) and 1 beneath a tent, this year sponsored by the Golden Pony Casino — and at ‘outreach’ locations, where musicians take the music to people who may not be able to hear it otherwise.

And I want to commend the city of Okemah, host of this yearly festival, and the residents who drive their streets. All four daytime stages are held along Broadway street or avenue, and there’s almost plenty of angle parking along that main street, which is also very wide. Drivers, almost without exception, on Broadway would stop and motion for anyone crossing the street to go ahead in front of them. There was none of that “after me-you’re first” mind-set so prevalent in larger cities.

One of outreach sites for Thursday (April 13) was a nursing home just barely outside of the town square. Nancy Apple played there, and basically gave the audience there a background on many of the songs she played, choosing music from eras that would have been their interests in their earlier years.

Six photographers are assigned to specific performers each day. The photos here are those I (Mary Jane) was assigned to, and a few that played before and after those assignments. There are also a few venues, including the Rocky Road Tavern, who simply host singers and songwriters all day long. One of the photos of Dan Martin was taken on the Rock Road Tavern stage, after his concert at the Brick House. And these photos are simply those I took, and there are other bundles out there in the Cloud or wherever the other five photographs store there. Maybe some of those can be added later.

WoodyFest is scheduled for July 11-18 in 2018. Click here to keep up with it: WoodyFest.com


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