WoodyFest 2017, Jimmy LaFave tribute

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Jimmy LaFave photo by Merri Lu Park

Short story and all photos by Mary Jane Farmer. Click on the link below to view photos.

Woody Fest for 2017 is now history — a history of good times, good friends (old and new), and really really good music. The festival increased in size to include four daytime stages in place of the three of last year, and all within a few blocks up and down Broadway Street in Okemah, Oklahoma, Woody Guthrie’s birthplace. The Hen House was the newest venue, with a stage rustic enough to be reminiscent of the days of Woody’s music and large enough to hold a symphony orchestra. It didn’t host one of those, but hosted many other styles of bands, solo artists and a few trios and duos. The Crystal Theater hosted many gatherings, including the introduction Jimmy LaFave memorial tribute Wednesday night and Sunday’s Hoot for Hunnington’s, to raise money to combat the disease that claimed Woody Guthrie’s life. The Golden Pony casino hosted the only outdoor stage, providing a large tent cover and adequate seating. And Brick Street is always a festival favorite.

Wednesday night, July 12, kicked everything off with the Jimmy LaFave memorial tribute. LaFave, a musician who encouraged others constantly while making new fans everywhere he played, an area native and on the WoodyFest Coalition Board, passed away of cancer only a few months earlier. The mix of musicians included vocals from about 25 people, plus backup music on keyboards, guitars, accordions, and the Night Tribe, LaFave’s own band and good friends backing everyone up.

It was as if they had all practiced together for months, but they hadn’t — they are all just that professional — that exceptional! And the beauty of their love for Jimmy shown through their music!

For all photos, click here

There will be more photos and reviews coming, as time allows to work all the photos. So many, so grateful to have been a part of the photography crew!


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