Mountain Jam 2017

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Jared Mitchell, behind him are Chance Cody and Greg White

Story and photos by Mary Jane Farmer. Click on the links, underscored, for many more photos. More could be added later.

It was small, it was friendly, it was filled with good music, it was the first Mountain Jam, held on land occupied by Texoma musician Dustin Perkins. That land sits at below — but way way way above sea level — three mountain ranges. (And BTW, Dustin will be playing at Hank’s Texas Grill in McKinney on Thursday, June 29 — a rare personal appearance.)

Dustin said he first mentioned the possibility of having a festival there after one of the many jams there between him and his friends. The owner, Mike Wallace, was completely onboard with it, and before you knew it, Mountain Jam 2017 had been born.

All musicians who played it, and there were dozens, played it for free, relying on tips to help pay their expenses. Not sure how that turned out, but they all were still

Dustin Perkins

smiling Sunday morning as they loaded up equipment, tents, and families to return to their homes.

Playing were the Jared Mitchell Band, Sons of Fannin, SG Studios’ Greg White, Dakota Ragsdill, Ken Maxwell, and Dustin Perkins, and lots of band members. Those band members kicked it around all day both days, backing up all the performers in one continuous jam session.

Oh, and it was everyone’s favorite sound man, Lil B, who now also can and does provide backdrop lights to his stages.

Here are some photos of the musicians

This crowd was there by invitation. Invitations could come from any of the band members or organizers. Next year, all those who can attend can also invite people, because, as Wallace put it, “You were invited by someone we trust to ask good people, and we know you are good people, and will only invite good people.”

Some people camped near the stage, others farther away. Wallace and his brother, Eric, with help from some townspeople, cooked one meal both days — smoked meat complemented by a variety of salads, deserts, and vegetables, plus Williams’ own special salsa. Served it without charge, accepting donations but not turning anybody away regardless of donation or not.  “That’s the way we roll up here,” he said.

Here are some photos of the crowd and activities

Dustin took several people on a hours-long tour of the mountains, which Williams and his company are developing for resale while leaving nature’s grandeur and stateliness intact, even enhanced because of the removal of dead and fallen trees, blazing of hiking and small vehicle trails, and such.

Here are some photos from that tour

You know that old song line: “Make new friends, but keep the old; Some are silver and the others gold.”

Lots of silver and gold up in those Oklahoma hills!




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