LJT Fest — Tuesday 4.25.17

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Star Spangled Banner being sung by Dave Perez, Deryl Dodd, and Larry Joe Taylor

Story and photos by Mary Jane Farmer

Tuesday at LJT Fest — Blog style (forgive me, but just gotta do this this time.)

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Great line-up, it moved from the T-Birds Garage Pub stage with Randy Brown, who is always a champ at keeping country music alive and keeping his audience well entertained, to the Bud Light stage. There, after a flag presentation with Larry Joe Taylor, Deryl Dodd, and Dave Perez singing the National Anthem, it was them in concert, aka The Coalition, followed by Randall King, Whiskey Myers, and Randy Rogers Band. Sean McConnell, also scheduled, was given the opportunity to travel with Marty Stuart beginning in early May, and so opted to forego the LJT Festival.

Weren’t a lot of surprises, music-wise, but who needs a lot of surprises with that line-up! Quality counts big time.

Observation: The style of the day, at least here at Melody Mountain Ranch, is Chris Stapleton. There are dozens of Chris Stapleton look-alikes here, complete with his style of cowboy hat and boots. Knocks down on the number of gimme caps and tennis shoes being worn, for sure.

People still arriving. Tuesday morning, the campground was slightly occupied, a few smokers and bbq grills going around (one even on the main stage, in the V.I.P. area, where those ticket-holders sit behind or above the performers.) But, by the time Randy Rogers and the guys finished, that same campground had changed drastically.

In spite of the posted directive on the festival Website, there’s still lots of beer being hurled, flung, or spewed, not only at the stage, but all over the crowd. Makes it very uncomfortable for those photographing and videoing the performers, having to protect all the cameras. But, it is what it is.





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