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| February 25, 2017

Rd 2 Wk 2, Group photo

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Love & War in Texas (Plano location at the NE corner of U.S. 75 and Plano Parkway), annually hosts the Singer/songwriter contest named after the late and oh-so-great Rusty Wier, a Texas Hill Country-based musician who entertained countless folks for decades.

Round Two of this year’s Rusty Wier singer/songwriter contest continued showing the best of the best Sunday (Feb. 19) with 9 of the 25 remaining musicians swapping songs and making more friends, and just all-about having fun while making music and friends.

Week 2  featured: Byron Dowd, Ed McGory, Matt Nix, Whitney O’Neil, Marina Rocks, Tanner Sparks, Mr. Troll, Tyler John, and Town Walsh. Walsh and Down have played in this every one of the many years it’s gone on.

UPDATE:  Three of the Round 3 songwriters have had to bow out due to scheduling conflicts. Jake Bays, J.D. Cobb, and Matt Dunn, all strong contenders to keep moving on, let coordinator Brett Dillon know they can’t make it. So, Dillon has invited some of the top-scoring musicians from Round 1 to again compete.

Joining Kevin Edwards, Nick Flint, Hanah & Hailey, Bryan Adam Joyner, and Robin Willis for this Round 3  Sunday, Feb. 26, will be John Wesley Shelton and Ken Maxwell. The third contender invited back hasn’t yet responded with a yay or a nay — so, we’ll just see and hope for the best.

Playing in Week 1 of Round 2 were:  Alex Lease, Zack Jones, Wesley Joe Malone, Stacey Shope, Larry Martin, David Byboth, Jess Skelton, and Harley Dale Brown.

All these are competing against everyone in the round, not just those also playing on the same Sundays.


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