Tony Ramey songswap with Roger Springer

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Roger Springer, Tony Ramey

Roger Springer, Tony Ramey

There’s a little shop, quaintly renovated to perfection, near downtown Tishomingo where only the best in live music is heard on a fairly-regular basis. This past Saturday night, (Aug. 13, 2016) it was Tony Ramey song-swapping with his old friend and writing buddy, Roger Springer, who hosts the concerts at The Pickin’ Parlor. The two of them had spent several days songwriting together, along with Greg Stonecipher, who also plays steel guitar with a subtle vengeance that makes it a shock that he’s not traveling with the top bands in the nation.

Roger and Tony put this show together in a short 3 days time. Their stories of their days writing in Nashville, told before so many of their self-penned songs, gave a clear picture of just how hard it is for songwriters to make it in the big time. And how they must keep their senses of humor to survive. But, just to be clear about it, both of these talents have made it in the big time, again as their songs completed the stories.

The next show at The Pickin’ Parlor will be Sept. 16, with country music’s Wade Hayes in concert.  You can connect with The Pickin’ Parlor through its Facebook page. (Click here)

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