KFF2016, Day 3, Saturday, May 28

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Since the 32 New Folk semi-finalists were grouped into one folder for other use, they will also be grouped together here as well. Actually, tho, they played, 16 each day, on both Saturday and Sunday, and then the top six finalists were named late Sunday night from the Kennedy (main) stage.

These people were from all over the U.S.A. including several from Nashville and other Tennessee towns, five from Texas, Colorado, Oregon, Maine, Rhode Island, New York, and points elsewhere. One of the top six was Rachel Leven from San Antonio. The others were: Justin Farren from Sacramento, Joe Shields from Alto, Michigan, Emily Scott Robinson from Chattanooga, Addie Brownelee from Brooklyn, and Ben de la Cour from Nashville.

New Folk Finalists

Del Barber photos, click here

Kenny White photos, click here

The rest of the performers got rained out. And a good time was had by all who were backstage waiting out the storm.



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