Po Boys Picnic 9th, Little Britches Rodeo

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"I don't mind the mud," young Kylie seems to be saying after landing in it one more time.

“I don’t mind the mud,” young Kylie seems to be saying after landing in it one more time.

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The Lil Britches Rodeo cowboys, aka volunteers who make this whole event work, really had their resolve and doggedness tested during this 9th event, appropriately held on 9-19 (2015). The whole event was to raise money for the family of Jarren McTee, born with and struggling to live as normal a life as possible because of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). HIE is defined as damage to the cells of the central nervous system from inadequate oxygen. He’ll have to battle all his life just to hold his head up and talk, things most of us take for granted.

Jarren had just as much fun as all the other kids, especially when he got inside the large inflatable bubble and floated on the make-shift pond, or when he was riding in the miniature horse-drawn cart throughout the RWR Arena grounds. (And as an aside, the cart driver is going to Jarren’s hometown Christmas and let the 9-year-old ride on the cart in his town’s Christmas parade.)

For the cowboys, it began when the first one arrived early that morning and discovered that the on-loan bulls — all of them — had gotten out. After much searching and herding, they got the bulls corralled back at the arena. That was all done in concrete-drenching rain.  The rain was the major challenge, in that, even tho the Po Boys Picnic committee opted to start the rodeo activities two hours later than planned, to let the rodeo arena grounds dry up a little bit more, many people still stayed at home.

Jarren McTee, on the ride of his life.

Jarren McTee, on the ride of his life.

What the rains didn’t dampen were spirit and enthusiasm. Those kids who were there participated with the same smiles and vigor as they had or will at any other Lil Britches Rodeo. Mothers were seen hosing their kids down after the kids had been bucked or fallen into the mud-pit of an arena. Other kids wore their earned mud as if it, too, was a trophy.

The horseshoe tournament went on after relocating from the mud-infested arena to a nearby and unused, grass-covered parking lot. The silent auction drew lots of interest, and the one retail vendor there, a young lady selling used baby and children’s clothing, waited til the sun came out to set up.  The live auction items were saved for the next event, Po Boys Picnic X, also a Lil Britches Rodeo, in the spring, the data not yet set.

The wet ground did cause the cancellation of the bands, Bent Creek and Joshua’s Crossing, though willing, because of the danger and/or expense involved  in setting up musical equipment in such conditions. They both volunteered to be at the next event.

It was an honor to again see a past receiving family back at the event. Young Brooke Staley, who is winning her constant battle with brain cancer, showed up for the first times without her walker. Her parents, in true Golden Rule fashion, stay involved with Po Boys’ events, too, helping others as they have been helped. And her brother, Mason, is one of the finest and bravest — and at this event, one of the muddiest — young rodeo rider out there!

Volunteers 5 clownsThe volunteers at these events are also winners. Whether they are pushing sheep through chutes, or keeping the Bounce House kids safe, or are paramedics just sitting for hours in case of emergency (Texas Vital Care — thank you!), or making snow cones, every one gives his or her all to help each event’s receiving family and to help all the kiddos have the best time imaginable.

Enjoy the photos — Click on these links.

Bull Riding

Other rodeo events

Other pix — fun people and fun stuff

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