Three things to think about before quitting.

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Me 2014 at Ray Price event  copyThis took a lot of prayer and thanksgiving for me to write and publish.

This was one changing quote in my life… From the movie “Mozart,” this statement by composer Salleri: “Why?… implant the desire (for music)… like a lust in my body? And then deny me the talent?” Early on, I could not figure out myself just why I was so passionate about being involved in the music industry. I can’t sing. I don’t play a musical instrument. It wasn’t making me rich or even affording me a decent livng.

Then, one day I was sitting in the Kerrville Folk Festival office, wearing fur-lined brogans to keep warm from the cold air coming through the floor, when it hit me — I do have some talent. I can write, I can produce events, I can photograph, I can volunteer, I can show up over and over. I have been showing up since 1975. Quote from my friend, the late Bob Gibson: “Get in the music business – you can make tens of dollars every year.” Of course, I’ve had to take real jobs during all those years, as well. I retired from my last one three years ago this month.

At a street dance I helped produce in Austin, early 1980s.

At a street dance I helped produce in Austin, early 1980s.

Today, as I drove Hippie Van to the mechanic — again — I thought —again — that I must get a real job. Repairs aren’t free, insurance isn’t free, gasoline isn’t free, life isn’t free. I give up on music. I’m searching hard for a real job.

Then, opening my emails, I got this from SonicBids, meant for real musicians, but it has inspired me to keep on showing up. Actually, I may have to get a part-time real job anyway, ‘cause my photos and my writings and my organizational skills are 99% of the time free.

Three things to think about before quitting.

  1. Why did I want to pursue music in the first place?

I believe that music is a calling, not a hobby. It’s something that speaks to your soul and lights a fire within you. And for the special few, it’s a way of life and career. But it cannot be more than just a personal joy if you don’t give it the chance. You owe it yourself to see it through with all the passion you have.

  1. Why is failure an option?

    Sitting on the stage backdrop at Kerrville Festival.

    Sitting on the stage backdrop at Kerrville Festival.

As they say, nothing good ever comes easy. But why would you ever accept failure as being an option for something that means more to you than anything else? You know as well as anyone that you’ll never forgive yourself or live a day without wondering what could have and should have been if you were to ever give up on music.. Are you going to be one of the sad mass of people that let all of their talent fall behind and become overtaken by a life consumed with mediocrity and regret? Or will you pull yourself out of this rut and realize that you shouldn’t waste another waking moment not moving forward?

  1. Could I ever be as fulfilled doing anything else?

    At the Ray Price tribute/CD Release that I helped produce in 2014.

    At the Ray Price tribute/CD Release that I helped produce in 2014.

Most importantly, you need to be honest with yourself and determine whether music is what you are ready to dedicate your life to. Music isn’t the best option, it’s the only option. I believe it’s imperative that people pursue what it is that fulfills them inside, as that is the only way to find true happiness. In the words of my old buddy Confucius, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 


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  1. Fritz Schultz says:

    This is so true, Thanks for putting it in such an eloquent way, I wish others could understand (certain folks) the deep river that runs through those who are called to this . Blessings on you sister!

  2. Chris says:

    Great article…and so true!

  3. Mark Bickham says:

    Love this MJ…hope we are bumping in to each other for years to come!!!

  4. Really great food for thought MJ. Will make me stronger to finish the next article. Everyone has doubts at times but it’s great know you are with us to lean on and talk with when we falter.

  5. Hello Mrs Mary Jane,
    This article is so true. Music is a calling. It called me from a very young age. I did various things with music in Church growing up. Then I spread my wings and went into radio broadcasting in my freshman year of high school. The private sector is where “the calling” actually paid me. EVERY musician and entertainer have paid our dues. We all would’ve starved to death had it not been for 58 cent packs of weiners for hot dogs, Mac n’ cheese and Ramon noodles. The corporate world and wedding ceremonies brought me to life and made my bank account fatter. The nightclub era was a fun dedicated run. I met you after tracking you down with the Herald Democrat music woman to add our shows and stuff from Cutters. You were the real deal from the get go. Never Quit MJ. We all love ya. I’ll see you soon darlin’


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