White Elephant saloon contest Rd 2 Wk 1

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Josh Halverson and Brett Dillon

Josh Halverson and Brett Dillon

What with the recent Texas Music Revolution happening, this reviewer got behind with her writing and photos. Whether that’s a reason or an excuse.. it’s still the truth. So, for this week Round 2 Week 1 of the White Elephant Saloon’s Texas Music Showdown, … just a couple of facts and the photos.

Judges were Brett Dillon of KHYI and the organizer for this contest; Terry Rasor, who is providing a spot on his next Raz on the Braz music

Zach Hendricks talking with Brett Dillon

Zach Hendricks talking with Josh Halverson between sets

festival to the band taking top honors; and country musician Jamie Richards.

Competing were Josh Halverson, who played solo, and Twisted Pistols, a four-some. It is Josh Halverson who will move into the finals on April 1. Judges were highly complimentary of all the musicians.

For Twisted Pistols pix, click here

For Josh Halverson pix, click here



Judges, Brett, Jamie, Terry, and sound man Ted

Judges, Brett, Jamie, Terry, and sound man Ted

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