Rusty Wier contest finals, 2.22.15

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Photo by Ginger Romero Ekstein

Photo by Ginger Romero Ekstein

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There’s a new plaque that will be hanging inside Love & War in Texas‘ Plano restaurant. It’ll take a couple of days, because owners Tye and Tory Phelps have to add a 5th name to those already on it. It’s the plaque listing all the winners of the annual Rusty Wier Singer/Songwriter Contest.

Mick Tinsley

Mick Tinsley

The new name to be added is that of this year’s winner, Mick Tinsley, who took top prize Sunday night (Feb. 22, 2015) after squeaking by seven others who had also made it to the finals.

Those seven others were no slouches in the singer/songwriter/performer arenas. In order of appearance, they were Mike Schikora, Josh Halverson, Saille Branch, David Byboth, (Tinsley), Town Walsh, Matt Johnston, and James Dunning.

The 2014 winner, Scott Sean White, opened the night with a few of his songs, and musicians Jake Bays and his sweet lady, Natalie Womack, kept the crowd entertained while the judges compared their scores for the final announcement.

Here’s the Scene In Town awards for this week:

The “Best Adaptation of Rusty Wier Songs” award went to Josh Halverson for his slow, bluesy version of “Don’t It Make You Wanna Dance” and to Matt Johnston for his unique adaptation of “Lay The Guitar Down.”

Tye Phelps

Tye Phelps

The “Best Good Sport” award goes to Tye Phelps. Cold rain poured through several leaks in the Rusty Wier patio roof all afternoon. Tye reacted twice with humor and concern. First was when he handed his thermal vest to a shaking-cold lady (me!) and went without its warmth himself; and secondly, when he stood underneath an umbrella beneath one of those leaks, smiling all the while. That was when Bays sang to Tye that it was only raining beer.

And a special “Best Good Sport” award goes to all of the dozens of contestants. The eight standing on stage while names were called were oh-so enthusiastic in all their attaboys for Tinsley and each other. Plus, the room was packed with others who had participated up to that night and who braved the weather in order to be there for this final night. What a brotherhood it is.

Just some of the great food served at Love & War in Texas

Great food served at Love & War in Texas

One more award: Trisha Aker (Rusty Wier’s lady) gets the “Good Friend” award for her generosity in giving Brett Dillon an actual Rusty Wier pearl-snap shirt, one that Rusty owned and wore many times.. She also brought Rusty’s signature black hat for Brett to wear through the night. The smile on his face was unmistakable — this had to have been among the best gifts he’s ever received. And, check out the comparative photos (in the photos linked below) of Brett and Rusty in the same hat.

Each performer sang one Rusty Wier song. In addition to those two which won S.I.T. awards, those songs included “I Stood Up,” “Trouble,” “High Road,” “Daytime Drinking.”

For photos, click here — and please note there are a few comments included with some of them.


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