Rusty Wier contest, Rd 2 Wk 2, 1.19.15

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Brett Dillon and Clint McNear, talking a few moments to talk about Friday night's Law Enforcement appreciation event at L&W

Brett Dillon and Clint McNear, talking a few moments to talk about Friday night’s Law Enforcement appreciation event at L&W

They all want to win, and they all want everyone else to win. That’s basically the feeling going on every Sunday as the Rusty Wier singer/songwriter challenge moves along in its second round. And that’s the real challenge among the artists — mutual support and mutual respect — in this 5th year that Love & War in Texas has sponsored this great songwriter event.

But win someone will.

Round 2 continued with Sunday’s Week 2 (Jan. 19, 2015), as eight musicians shared songswaps in groups of twos. Each performed four original songs.

Those performing Sunday were Dale Riley, Larry Martin, Andrew Delaney, Annie Roads, Byron Dowd, Matt Nix, Town Walsh, and Joe Austin.

And speaking of cooperative and ‘let’s win’ — last week’s contestant Mick Tinsley returned to play some lead guitar during Joe Austin’s song; but that was only turn-about-fair-trade, because last week, Joe played fiddle during one of Mick’s songs.

Brett Dillon, organizer, host, and KHYI on-air personality get the award for pairing up the two most complimentary voices together. Riley and Martin both have those deep, cowboy-western-song voices that totally complement their songs.

Town Walsh gets the best-sense-of-humor award for making the judges laugh, after first noting how much fun he has each year with this (Walsh has been a contender – and a strong one at that – each of the 5 years), that obviously he wasn’t winning, since winners can’t compete again.

Dowd and Nix get the award for honoring those who came before them, with Nix doing an original song written for the late Ronny Spears and Dowd following with an oral remembrance of Mr. Spears.

Round 2 continues at 4 p.m. Sunday, never a cover charge for this contest, with the last group of eight hoping to move into Round 3. Then, everyone will take the Super Bowl Sunday off, for obvious reasons. After that, the top 12 finalists will hit the L&W stage in Round

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