Rusty Wier contest, Rd 2 Wk 1, 1/11/15

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Brett Dillon and Nick Flint

Brett Dillon and Nick Flint

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Moving right along — The Rusty Wier singer/songwriter challenge went into Round 2 Sunday (Jan. 11, 2015) with eight of the remaining 24 musicians not only taking the stage, but taking the stage with each other’s support and respect.

This is the 5th year that Love & War in Texas (Plano location) has sponsored this event, and included a guaranteed gig for the winner during the venue’s upcoming Shiner Sunday series. Americana radio station KHYI (95.3, the Range) also adds a couple of prizes, including two tickets to the March 21 Texas Music Revolution 19; with the winner helping the contest organizer and KHYI personality Brett Dillon bring on a headliner. There’s other prizes, too.

This week had James Dunning song-swapping with Raquel Nguyen, Travis Bolt and Aaron Shook supporting each other during their session; Tin Man Travis and Bryan Adam Joyner having fun together while presenting their four songs each; and, lastly, Saille Branch and Mick Tinsley closing out the day.

Talking about supporting one another… it wasn’t uncommon at all for one of the two musicians on stage together to add some backup vocals and guitar to each other’s songs, or for any of them to sit in admiration as the other presented his or her songs.

The contest continues this Sunday (Jan. 18), at 4 p.m., again at Love & War in Texas (Plano), which is at the NE corner of U.S. 75 and Plano Parkway.

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