Brandy & Ray J — “A Family Business”

| April 11, 2011

Brandy & Ray J — “A Family Business” Cracker Barrel Music, Saguaro Roads Records

By Mitchell Weiss

The album “A Family Business” is what I would call a cross album. It has the felling of R&B, Rap, Dance, and some hint of Soul. Some of the songs like “Turning Me On” and “Ready To Roll” have the sound and beat of something you would hear at a school dance or the early hours of an after-hours club. Those are primarily the Ray J songs, but his sister Brandy brings more R&B to the album with “Lifeguard,” “I Don’t Care,” and her parts in the song “A Family Business.”

R&B is mixed with I believe to be Soul in the song “Homegrown” and ‘Sonja, Sonya, Sonia” by Willie Norwood Sr.

I see they get some of the youngsters involved with “My Family” by Sy’rai & Rain Smith. It has a very simple beat and I believe that it shows that anyone can be a musician at any age level if they just put their hearts into it.  Just see what they have accomplished in this song.

It seems they rightly titled this “A Family Business,” not only named after the television reality series of the same name, because in the actual song, They seem to bring all the styles of the entire family, squeezing in every genre of each member, and to show the strength of a family united.

Editor’s notes:  This is the first family album for brother-and-sister duo, Brandy and Ray J, released in tandem with a VH1 reality show with the same name. It is available at Cracker Barrel stores or their on-line music site.

Mitchell Weiss is a freshman student at Hutto (Texas) High School. This is his first CD review.


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