Rich O’Toole at Gilley’s/Choctaw

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Rich 1 10x8 name 7908Update: Sherry, who is coordinating the Red Dirt Pub Crawl mentioned in this article, said they now have plenty more seats available now for the trip.

Rich O’Toole, Texas by birth, and now a California resident, returned to his roots this past weekend, playing at a new festival in Denton and then at Gilley’s/Choctaw in Durant. The Sunday 2-hour show at Gilley’s was one in a series hosted by K95.5 Radio, out of Paris and Hugo, and streamed over the Payne Music Group radio stations, and radio personality Barry Diamond did the hosting/interviewing honors.

Oh, BTW, Rich’s birthday will be this upcoming Wednesday, Aug. 6.

Many of the questions between songs came from Barry himself, others from the audience, and some from radio listeners via Facebook social media. And they were all fun. Between Barry Diamond and Rich O’Toole, that “fun” was a given. And all the while it was going on. people rode the bucking bull off in the restaurant’s corner.

Answer to question — Moved to Los Angeles, rather than Nashville as so many other rising Texas artists are, because… he loves country music, but “I write about real life and love and right now I can’t be in Nashville because they write about back roads and beer. It is a great city and I love it so much. But I fit in better with my rock and roll in L.A., it’s just a better fit for me.” O’Toole went on to advice anyone, “Don’t hate on any music. It’s like a super market.  When you go to the market, you may not like this kind of lettuce, but you don’t ‘hate’ on it, you just buy the one you like. America is a free trade, market economy. Just buy and listen to the music you like.”

In L.A., he said, he has learned more about co-writing. And he’s just released his latest CD, Jaded, with a limited supply of them printed. Two of the fans there Sunday had also been at the Saturday festival, and wanted one of those CDs, but there were no more. From

Rich and Bar

Barry and Rich

the Gilley’s stage, Rich told them and the crowd that he was going to be giving them his own, 1st issue copy, for having taken the trip from their Whitesboro residence to the Gilley’s show.

In December, Rich is one of 10 Texas musicians headed to Ireland for seven nights in Ireland, the yearly Red Dirt Pub Crawl in Dublin. Others going along are: Josh Abbott (who will be touring with Rich and their respective bands between now and then), Roger Creager, William Clark Green, Bart Crow, Bleu Edmondson, Randy Brown, brandon Steadman, Aaron Sandoval, and Scott Brown. The coordinator said that the plane is sold out, but that they are trying to get more tickets so more people can take advantage of this rare opportunity to see the incredible emerald isle. Go online if you are interested:

The day went on that way, all along Rich singing the songs for which he is so well known. “Me and the Crickets” getting a lot of the applause.

It’s safe to say that the crowd this Sunday had increased by about 300 %, and hopefully that increase continues Sunday (Aug. 3) with Curtis Grimes taking the Gilley’s stage. It all runs from 3-5 p.m., No charge, ever, at a Gilley’s show at Choctaw in Durant. Great parking, valet available, and good food.

And don’t worry ’bout Rich becoming a bona fide Californian — don’t they all move back to Texas sooner or later? Meanwhile, check his Website for his tour dates, which will also be on Scene In Town’s Live Music Calendar.

Rich O’

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    We have plenty of seats for the trip to Ireland now! Join us for a fantastic time!

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