| March 27, 2011

John David Kent, 2009, at Loose Wheels Texas

John David Kent & The Dumb Angels (I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — they aren’t dumb at all, just angels!) have a song that’s climbing the Texas chart. It’s not new to those of us in the North Texas area, it having received a lot of airplay last year, but now it’s gone Texas. “My Girl” also took a top honor in 2010 on CMT’s Pure Country network as a pick of the week, voted by the public. It’s success inspired the band to again release “My Girl,” and now it’s spreading across Texas similar to wildfires across the prairies.

Now, JDK/TDA are on the move again. Since “My Girl” has been rereleased, John David has been busy touring the state and visiting radio stations, with remarkable progress. “My Girl” moved up to No. 34 on the Texas Music chart last week, and It will be interesting to see how much further it moves on up when the new chart comes out Monday (March 29).

John David, Jamey Gleaves, Jason Andrew, Michael Graska, and Tony Kent rocked, boogied, fiddled, drummed, guitared, pianoed, and otherwise countried the triangle stage at One Eyed Jack in Whitewright. It’s a friendly venue, packed to standing room only, even with the enclosed outdoor patio — totally perfect for this American band.

Jason is Whitewright born-and-bred, raised to play the fiddle bluegrass/gospel style by a grandfather, Louis Franklin, and a family of musicians. He and his Nashville-based, studio-favorite uncle, Larry Franklin, have hosted a fiddle contest in Whitewright for years. Since joining the Dumb Angels, his fiddle and stage styles have developed to totally blend with that of the rest of the band, swirling and whirling around with Jamey, John David, and Michael. Jamey and Michael have rock n’ roll in their blood, as does John David, having played together for years as leaders of the Dallas band Salute. John David was formerly with his Greenville High School friend, Ben Kweller in “Radish,” a band that toured the U.S. and made appearances on Letterman and Conan.

The D.A.’s have just completed a new album with a May 17 release date. The band played one of the new songs on this CD, “I Wanna Be,” a sweet ballad accented with beautiful cross-harmonies between Michael and John David.

John David Kent & The Dumb Angels are rooted in county music, geared toward true down-home values demonstrated in their earthy but lively rock-inspired arrangements.

Here’s links to pictures taken at One Eyed Jack (by Mary Jane Farmer), at KHYI (by Mark Bickham and Mary Jane Farmer), the official “My Girl” video, a video taken at Hank’s Texas Grill “Sweet Emotions” (by Mel and Dale Arnold, and to their own Website.

For more pictures, click here

Video:  “My Girl”

Video: “Sweet Emotion”

Website John David Kent

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