Kerrville Folk Festival — Thursday, June 5

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Butch Morgan

Butch Morgan

Arrived on the ranch about 3:30 p.m., and excited to be here. Camping near old buddy Dorothy Hammond and her hubby, J.C. Dorothy worked the office as a volunteer decades ago, when I was here with the festivals, and she and J.C. just returned this year and are living on Quiet Valley Ranch. Of course, both are working as are hundreds of others here.

Also saw three old friends for the first time in ages, Steve Caruthers, who used to work in the office throughout the year while I did, too. He was bookkeeper and lots more. Good visit and plan more with him. Also Radar… not even sure what Radar’s last name is… but who cares, he’s really Radar, still smiling and happy. And Susan, my friend Susan Roads, still taking the best photographs of them all. And if you read this in the next day or two, stop and say a short prayer for her dad, who is having surgery Friday.

The music tonight was on the Threadgill stage, a 4-person song swap. Libby Koch from Houston, Ken Gaines also from Houston, Jaime Michaels fr0m Santa Fe, and Butch Morgan from Divine (according to his song about Eddie). What fun it was, and the crowd was singing along with their songs all through the 2-hour set. Great harmonies all around me. Libby has a voice and a smile to knock your socks off, Ken shows a lot of humor blended with other human emotions in his, and Jaime was a really pleasant surprise, and perfect blend for all of them. Of course, a lot of people in North Texas are already familiar with Butch Morgan, having played at the Pawless Fest and Wildflower! Fest over the years.

I’m going to try to keep up daily with this, but already think it’s going to be hard… there’s so much going on all the time, and so many incredible people to visit with. Some I’ve met, some I’m going to meet.

Still getting familiar with all the new ways this festival works, so don’t know if these performers have any CDs or not, but I’m for finding out.

Tomorrow (Friday) starts out with me trying to find a golf cart I can rent. I’d forgotten just how hilly this Hill Country ranch is, and just how much harder it is for me to negotiate these days.

For photos of the Thursday 4-some song swap, click here



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