LJT Fest 2014, Friday

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Josh Abbott Band by Houston

Josh Abbott Band by Houston

Photos by Mary Jane Farmer, some as marked by Houston Hall — Click on links for individual bands’ pix.

Friday was awesome. Got to listen to an old buddy from the Kerrville Festivals days, Chuck Pyle, whose song about the 1976 flood through Estes Park, “Here Comes The Water.” In case you haven’t heard it (nobody ever recorded it and took it to the Billboard charts, like they did on his “Other Side Of The Hill” and “Jaded Lover.”) here’s a link to an earlier video of that incredible song that brings me to tears every time I heard it. (Aside: I had camped in Estes Park, in that very area, three days before the flood, so you can imagine my gratitude.)

Link to “Hear Comes The Water” video 

Link to a couple of Chuck Pyle photos

Security staff went on full alert underneath the  Allsops acoustic stage, which is set up as a listening stage rather than designed for moshing. Two bands, Dolly Shine and The Damn Quails brought enthusiastic crowds with them, after their fans behaved accordingly. Of course, Deryl Dodd’s fans are always accommodating, too. Also on stage that was were the Calamity Janes, who won the 106.9 singer/songwriter contest, and Michael Hearne, always a class act.

For photos of the Calamity Janes, click here

For Deryl Dodd and band photos, click here

And this is the way many photographers feel at the end of a 16-hour day of great music!

And this is the way many photographers feel at the end of a 16-hour day of great music!

Dolly Shine and The Damn Quails. Their photos are combined here. You tag ’em and tell me who is in which band. (Both are new bands to me, so got them all mixed up.)

As I’ve said before, sometimes I have a hard time walking, and so didn’t go in front of every band Friday night. Missed out on Sam Riggs & the Night People, William Clark Green, and Josh Abbott band. Houston Hall sent me this pic of the JAB. Thanks, Houston.

But, here’s those I got!

Charla Corn Band

Roger Creager Band



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