LJT Fest, 2014, Sunday-Tuesday

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Buffalo Ruckus set list, photo by Houston Hall

Buffalo Ruckus set list, photo by Houston Hall

For many photos, click on links at the end of this short recap.

After a rough beginning, getting settled in and learning the new lay of the (fest) land and new rules, things got easier for this media person, officially handicapped, when Zack Taylor told me to find a particular staffer, Keith, on a golf cart which also had his name on it. Keith would help me any way I needed it, Zack assured me. And the pressure was off.

The new showers for campers are really nice, made of cinderblock with lots of room in each shower. Took advantage of that Tuesday morning, while it was still free. Not handicapped equipped at all, yet, but hopefully in the future they will add benches in those large shower stalls to make them more accommodating.

Ice by the bag was added to that same near-stage area, and a nice convenient touch, bringing ice purchases nearer the campers. My lil’ ol’ hippie van sat beneath one of the two most beautiful trees on the 400-acre ranch, and that was a plus not only for the relaxation of the area, but also because the shade kept the van cooled off and sleep-ready after the concerts.

Keith was so helpful, too. He gave me his cell phone number (which became useless as more and more people arrived and the result was less and less telephone service), but he watched for my calls, and came a’runnin’ when I asked.

One night, late after concerts closed, we arrived at my patiently-waiting and inviting hippie van when Keith said, “Stay on the cart.” “Why?” I asked. “There’s someone behind the van. Turned out that someone was a drunk who had friends trying to help him get up and out of there. Eventually, they did; but he did require some medical attention, so I learned later.

Day 1 in the photo pit brought with it a valuable lesson — duck when you feel the first cold splash on your back. The mosh pit had several beer-slingers in it that kept up that action each night, every night, as if it were their missions in life! They were good at it, sometimes almost in rhythm with the band. Here’s how it worked — feel cold wet on back, duck instantly, protect the cameras. One videographer finally resorted to wearing a raincoat every day. I resorted to living with beer hair til I got home.

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