CD Review: Tony Ramey, “Throwback”

| October 14, 2013

Tony Ramey, “Throwback” Dig It Deep Records

Tony Ramey "Throwback" Dig It Deep Records

Tony Ramey
Dig It Deep Records

Remember this name, Tony Ramey. This songwriter —one of those who wasn’t born in Texas, but got here just as soon as he could, he said — just released his first acoustic CD, aptly called “Throwback.” The title cut makes it clear what his music, on this CD or any of the other 2,300 (more or less) songs he’s written, is all about, and that is keeping the country in country music.

“…every night I go back to the days when songs were pure and the truth was something strong enough to move me…”

And, on this 12-song CD, being acoustic and thus not overwhelmed with over production, Ramey’s pitch-perfect voice clarifies just how his songs are meant to be sung.

“Dig It Deep” talks about family and values; “Matthew, Mark, and Luke,” ditto. Tony talked about “Shine On,” saying it was a handicapped friend who inspired it.  The quick-paced “When I’m Gone” has some incredible acoustic licks and harmonies behind Tony’s voice.

“Fly Away” just cries for in-car harmonies.

The production on this project is clean, pure, easy to listen to. The backgrounds discretely deepen what the voice and the lyrics say, without pretense. Tony Ramey’s voice is soulfully strong; his writing is lesson, value, and emotion surrounded by music.

Can’t always be said of music recordings, but this CD, “Throwback,” is one that can be played by and with the whole family.

Co-writers with Ramey on these 12 songs are Kevin Mason, Kurtis Marozas, Donny Kees, Jeff Silvey, Roger Springer, and Chris Wymer.

They aren’t on this CD, but there’s a couple of songs of Tony Ramey’s that you might recognize. He wrote the Aaron Watson hit “Summertime Girl,” and his earlier “That’s How I Was Raised” is being featured on Alabama’s newest CD. He wrote “The Last Ride,” used in the independent movie of the same name about Hank Williams. And there’s dozens more that you’ve heard, by national artists, and that could be another story.

Don’t get me wrong here… yes, this is Tony’s first acoustic CD, but no, it’s not his first recording. He’s got several previous ones, recorded with his full band, under his belt.

Ramey is such a prolific songwriter that he is already back in the studio, recording some at his home studio, and more in Nashville, including work on a new CD with Johnny Lee. We haven’t heard the last of this new-Texan.

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